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Top 5 Websites for Free udemy Courses Download (LATEST)

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Top 5 Websites for Free udemy Courses Download (LATEST)

Do you want free courses to enhance your skills? then Udemy is the best place to learn a new skill or enhance the skills,

and top websites to download udemy courses for free

But most Udemy courses are paid so many of us can’t buy due to some reasons

(Ex: students who have low pocket money OR family problems), I have a solution for these problems.

so in this Article, we are going to talk about from where we can get Udemy Course for free, I am going to show 5 websites from where you can get Paid Udemy Courses for free,

and I am going to give my opinion about those 5 websites.

my personal favorite website for free online courses is


free online courses

  • is a website which provides Daily Free Udemy Courses
  • this website contains all category courses, mostly it contains courses related to IT Industry
  • this Website also have community access through telegram and Whatsapp so you can contact the admin directly
  • for now, they are providing only udemy courses but in the future, they will start providing courses from other platforms as well



  • is one of my favorite websites for Finding paid Udemy courses for free.
  • this website uploads new courses daily.
  •  Mostly this website contains IT courses (Ex: Programming, Ethical-Hacking, Web-development, SEO)
  • This website provides a feature which shows Free offer still valid or not so we don’t have to check each and every course for the Free offer validity
  • even this website provide Free courses from different platforms like
    1. Udemy
    2. BitDegree
    3. Coursera
    4. Edujack
    5. Edx
    6. Future Learn
    7. Google
    8. Skillshare

online course

  • is best if you want Types of courses not only I.T related courses (Ex: Dancing, Music, Workouts, etc)
  • this site has lots of categories courses (Ex: mathematics, lifestyle, digital marketing, self-defense, content-writing, etc)
  • this website provides free courses from different online teaching platforms :
    1. Udemy
    2. Coursera
    3. skillshare
    4. Edx
    5. Khan Academy

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coupon scorpion

  • is also awesome for free courses but it contains too many ads and this site don’t work if you enable ad blocker
  • so if you have an issue in watching ads then it’s a good resource for free courses
  • this website provides the course from different categories:
    1. Computer & I.T
    2. academics
    3. business
    4. photo designing
    5. health & fitness
    6. programming Language
  • this website provides free courses only from



  • Discudemy is a free way of Enhancing your skills from beginner level to advanced level
  • but this website does not new courses daily
  • and it’s user interface is also complicated
  • this website provides the course from different categories:
    1. programming
    2. graphic design
    3. network & system
  • this website provides free courses of udemy only


udemy coupons codes

  • is also a good source for free udemy courses but it has lots of ads on the website and if you enable ad blocker website won’t work
  • this site provides multiple categories of courses:
    1. Programming & development
    2. Graphic Design
    3. network & security
    4. Entrepreneurship
    5. marketing
  • this website provides free courses only from

So here’s our post ends above-mentioned websites are used by me and I assure you that all of them working fine and start Enhancing your skills and keep learning see you in the next post if you have any question you can ask in the comment box

and if you need a post on any specific topic write in comments I will try to write a post on the topic suggested by you


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