Top 5 Hacking Apps For Android

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Top 5 Hacking Apps For Android

Hello friends, in Today’s Article I am Going To Show Some Awesome Hacking Apps for Android, nowadays Android Phones come with powerful Hardware Configuration

we can use android device as a hacking device but it’s true that we can’t do everything that we can do using PC/Laptop

But As A Beginner we can start Learning Hacking using Android phone this is also true

so let me show you some android apps that help you in hacking, which you can use  as a beginner

1. Termux Emulator:


  • Termux is one of the powerful App Which provide Linux Terminal Emulation combined with an extensive Linux package collection
  • it supports bash and zsh shells.
  • you can even install Metasploit in it.
  • You can use the SqlMap Tool for automated SQL-injection.
  • Nmap is also supported in Termux
  • SlowLoris tool is also supported you can easily perform DOS Attack.
  • Programming languages like C and Python are also supported
  • and app size is only 215Kb and no ROOT permission is Required


wps tester

  • WIFI WPS WPA TESTER is also Awesome app for hacking WPS vulnerable WIFI Routers
  • and the best thing is you can use it without ROOT permission
  • this app is Consist of Default WPS Pins of many WIFI Router manufactures
  • I used this app many times and it worked every time without any Error
  • mostly it works with i-Ball Routers


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 3. zANTI :


  • zANTI is the Best app for scanning network vulnerability and performing man in the middle attack for unencrypted data
  • and it is free to use
  • developed by ZIMPERIUM
  • you can see the demo of app here VIDEO
  • and you can easily create a vulnerability report after scanning the Network



4.HTTP Injector – (SSH/Proxy/VPN) :

http injector

  • HTTP injector is a combination of SSH PROXY and VPN
  • it provides Many Small tools in one app
    • IP Hunter (Local network scanner)
    • DNS changer
    • Proxy Tunnels (ShadowSocks)
    • SSH Client
    • VPN
    • Payload Generator
  • and it’s size is about 6MB 
  • this app consist of Combination of many useful tools

5. Change My MAC – Spoof Wifi MAC :

change mac android

  • This app is very useful if you want to change the MAC Address of your Device
  • this app needs ROOT Permission to perform MAC changing Operation
  • and this app does not require Busy-Box
  • and this app works well in most of the phones


So these are some useful apps for hacking if you are an android user if you like the post plz subscribe to notification and you can find WhatsApp group link below in the page


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