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port forwarding free (UPDATED 2019)

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port forwarding free (UPDATED 2019)

hello friends in today’s article I am going to share my tips and tricks for port forwarding free, I know many of going say this is an old trick but trust there is something new in this article so read the whole article

so let’s start our today’s article when we create any payload or reverse shell we need to open local port on our machine and we have to forward that particular port so we can access it over WAN (Wide Area Network), but most of the free port forwarding services provide us SubDomain (Ex: dshjf.serveo.net) as an Access point

it’s better if we get an IP address and port separate (Ex: 110.123.321.45:1337) instead of SubDomain cause IP is easy to bind with payload or reverse shell so I am  sharing one trick so you can get IP and port separately

don’t get shocked by the service provider name, again repeating read the whole article before the judge it

it is SERVEO.NET but wait that’s not all trick is still remaining

Default Command to forward port number 3000

default port serveo.net

but above command give us SubDomain as an Access point (Ex: dshjf.serveo.net) so we are going to make some changes in default command

Here’s the Trick :

port forwarding hack serveo.net

Replace the 80  with any custom port number (Ex: 1337) in Default command this will give you an Access point like this => serveo.net:1337 and we can get domain’s IP by ping the domain name and the IP is  => (Serveo.net)

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so this is the trick, it’s up to you how you are going to use it subscribe to notification for future articles see you in the next post #have_a_safe_hack


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