Most Imp Topics for Maths 3

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Most Imp Topics for Maths 3

Hello friends i hope you are preparing in today’s post we are going discuss about, “Most Imp Topics for Maths 3” 

 (note : Topics based on gtu syllabus) 

 Calculus (Maths 1): 

maths 3 is one of the toughest subject in Engineering Stream but if we prepare it with planning we can easily crack this this exam

so today i am going to share some topics of maths 3 if you prepare all this topics well than definitely you are going to crack this exam

below MIMP chapters and it’s topics are given refer it


The course follows from Calculus, Linear algebra

 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Maths 3) imp chapters and it’s topics:  


  • Solution of Deferential Equation By power Series Method
  • Method of Separation of Variables
  • Special Function
  • Higher order Differential Equation
    • Method of Variation Parameter
    • Cauchy Euler Method
    • Method Of Undetermined Coefficient
  • Laplace Transform
    • Inverse Laplace By Convolution
    • Solution of Differential Equation By Laplace transform
    • Inverse by partial Fraction
  • Fourier Series
    • Half Range Sine/Cosine
    • Even Odd Method
    • Fourier Integral
  • First Order Differential Equation
    • Exact and Non Exact
    • Linear And Non Linear Equations

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Topics As per GTU Syllabus

share this post with your college friends so everyone can get benefit of it good bye friends see you in next post

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