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how to make zip password cracker tool with python

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how to make zip password cracker tool with python

hello friends in today’s article I am going to show how you can make your own zip password cracking tool so let’s start

important: You should know basic python, and file operations of  python programming

so let’s start for this tool I am going to use “zipfile” module to access zip file using python program

first import “zipfile & sys” modules then define zip file path in one variable

and create a file object for reading password dictionary file

now let’s create on a function which takes a password as an input and try to open the protected zip file

so in the above function, we are taking a password as input, and strip (remove) “\n” and ” ” from the password string

now load the zip file using “ZipFile” method of “zipfile” module

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we have to use exception handling so we can identify whether the correct password is found or not

if password not found then it will go in “except” or if password matched then it will print the password and exit from the program using “sys.exit()” 

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and now the question is how to call this function for all password in the dictionary

I am going to use for loop for calling functions for all passwords present in the dictionary

Full Program

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