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How to install Robo 3T | RoboMongo in ubuntu [UPDATED]

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How to install Robo 3T | RoboMongo in ubuntu [UPDATED]

hello friend’s in today’s article I am going to explain how you can install Robo 3T | RoboMongo (MongoDB client) in ubuntu system

so let’s start today’s article

there are three ways you can install Robo 3T in your ubuntu machine and all of the three ways are simple

let’s start with the first way

install robo 3t in ubuntu Latest

What is Robo 3T | RoboMongo and why it’s used?

Robo 3t | RoboMongo both are clients which help to access your MongoDB Database graphically

Robo 3T | Robomongo Clients are developed by

1. first-way:

first, download .tar.gz from their official website and extract the file in any directory

then follow the steps given below

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step 1:

extract tar.gz file

step 2:

now move extracted files into following directory “/usr/local/bin

(make sure that you are running above commands as root unless it won’t work)

step 3:

Now give execute permission to the RoboMongo executable file which is located under following directory “/usr/local/bin/robomongo/bin

to do that execute the following command

Congratulations you got you Robo 3T | RoboMongo

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2. second-way:

first, download .deb file of Robo 3T | RoboMongo from their official website  or just use Wget Command

step 1:

execute the following command to download .deb file of Robo 3T | RoboMongo

step 2:

Now install the .deb file using dpkg command

step 3:

Congratulations you just successfully installed RoboMongo in your ubuntu machine to check if it is installed or not run following command

3. Third-way:

in this way, we are going to install Robo 3T | RoboMongo using snap it needs root access so run the command as root

third is the simplest way I found until now it’s oneliner so run following command

to verify installation execute the following command

if you are getting GUI of Robo-3T then congratulations you are successfully installed Robo 3T { RoboMongo

thank you for reading the article share this article with your friends who need this installation guide


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