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How To install Redis DB in windows [UPDATED]

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How To install Redis DB in windows [UPDATED]

hello friends in today’s article I am going to show how to install Redis DB in windows

so I am not going to repeating nonsense things, I am going explain installation straight forward without wasting time

so let’s start the article

one of the easy ways to install Redis DB  in your Windows system is using “chocolatey

first, we need to install chocolatey in our system to install Redis

open the following link in your browser install chocolatey

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first, open the link given above then or copy the command from below to install chocolatey

copy below code to install chocolatey using CMD.exe

copy below code to install chocolatey using PowerShell.exe

make sure you are performing this command execution in administrator mode

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in other words, make sure that you open CMD.exe / Powershell.exe as an Administrator

after successful installation of chocolatey type below command to install Redis DB server in your system

and this will install Redis Server on your system within a few minutes

after that type following command to start Redis server

if your installation was successful then it will return something similar to below image

how to install redis on windows

now install Redis Desktop Manager and setup new connection

redis desktop manager

and click on ” test  connection ” if you don get any error it will connect successfully

Click on ok and start using your Redis Database

so this is the easiest way to install Redis DB in Windows

thank you for reading this article if you like this article share this with your friends see you in the next article



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