How To Earn Money By File Uploading

How To Earn Money By File Uploading

In Today’s Post we I am going to Explain to you about how to Earn money by file uploading, so there are several Ways on the internet for earning money (Ex: Link Shorteners, pop-Under Ads, etc)

I am Going to Show Website, Which Pays Money to Publishers for Uploading Files, And their policy for Paying money to Publishers is on the basis of a file downloaded how many times from a unique IP Address

so basically this Website work on the principle of Pay Per Download, Let’s Know about this Website


  • This website is one of my favorite for earning money from File uploading method
  • Their Payment option is also really well cause their minimum payout is 1$ from PayPal
  • This Website Supports many payout options (PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, bitcoin, LiteCoin, etc)
  • also Fast payout, payout in 24 hours after payout request
  • they provide 110GB storage for file upload
  • it also provides features like remote file upload and FTP
  • they provide three types of profit Modes for earning
    1. Pay Per Download (100% earnings) & 50% of sales profit
    2. earn 85% of sales and 20% profit of downloads
    3. mix 55% of sales and 55% downloads


  • You can also sell your files using this website 80% profit is given to the publisher


Payouts :


  • Their Payouts are mentioned in the above image if you are free signup with a free account you’ll get 6$ per 1000 Downloads of group A Countries (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom)
  • and if you signup with Premium Account you’ll get 7$ per 1000 Downloads of group A Countries (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom)
  • I prefer you should go with a free account until and unless you start driving more downloads

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Premium Features :

  • Max Upload File Size: 10000MB File at a time
  • Storage Space: Unlimited
  • Download volume: Unlimited
  • Remote File Upload
  • FTP upload
  • No downloads delay
  • No Advertisements
  • Makes More Profit

Payout Platforms:


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